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    Why Sydney Staining Services?

    Sydney Staining Services is your premium oiling and staining service. We appreciate that sanding, cleaning and staining / oiling outdoor timber decks and furniture is something that many people dread. We absolutely love the process of restoring decks and teak outdoor furniture regardless if it's only weathered or moldy. Let us transform your outdoor timber decks and furniture and sealing it with the latest NANO technology shield to make it stain and water resistant. You can  you can get the quote right here in less than 2 minutes. If you would like to speak to someone instead, we have plenty of ways that you can contact us.

    • Expert Stainers with a lot of experience and knowledge
    • Fully insured for your protection
    • Full corporate compliance with SWMS, SDS, PPE etc.
    • Full transparency, doing the work in in front of you
    • Newest technology dust-free sanding system with built in vacuum from Mirka
    • Using only the best products
    • Easy quoting system
    • Excellence and tidiness are strong core value of ours
    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

    At Sydney Staining Services we are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied regardless if it's a staining, oiling, shielding or a cleaning job. We love good old fashion customer service and you can trust that we will live up to expectations. Our reviews confirms that.

    Instant Quotes

    Are you like us and don't like to call someone to get a quote?

    With Sydney Staining Services you'll get a price on our website within minutes.

    If you have multiple settings and the price in the automated quoting system is too high, please feel free to email or text us to talk about what we can do for you.

    Expert Stainers​

    We only have Stainers that are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and of course insured for your protection. (NRMA liability Insurance)

    We are ready to take on that staining project that you have been putting off for so long. At Sydney Staining Services we love staining.

    Australian Owned Family Business

    We are a Sydney based family owned business. Meaning that you are dealing directly with the business owners and can be assured that your satisfaction with our services is even more important to us than to you. Good online reviews are crucial to our business.

    What's Next?

    Are you a facility manager and responsible for the outdoor timber maintenance?

    Have you been looking at your outdoor setting and wished it looked better?

    Maybe your wife has asked you more than 3 times to do something about that grey and dirty Teak Outdoor setting?

    Have you even given up on maintenance and just want a new setting?

    Don't despair. This is where we come into the picture. We can restore your setting to make it look as new or possibly even better, with an attractive honey brown color. Furthermore, we can take care of the ongoing maintenance of your Teak, so that it always looks good and is ready for parties, dinners and family time. 

    Save your money by not buying a new setting. Today is the best time to get a quote and get your furniture either restored to new state or protect your newly bought outdoor furniture set.


    There is no commitment in getting a quote from us, you will find that it's a relief to finally deal with that dreaded staining project that you have been putting off for some time, get amongst it.


    Our promise to you is that you will be satisfied with our services, therefor you don't have to take the risk. For more information please see our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


    You want to be able to enjoy your outdoor area with friends and family, we appriciate that you don't want to spend you weekend maintaining  timber outdoor furniture. Let us do what we love so that you can do what you love.

    We accept the following payment methods


    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Sydney Staining Services we are committed to 100% happy customers and good reviews on the internet. And the way our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee works is that after a job has been done, you will inspect it and pay on completion. We haven't had a customer so far that's not satisfied and if that day comes, we will re-stain the setting until you are 100% happy. If you want to compare us to other staining companies, remember that we do the staining in front of you and not transporting your furniture away. That gives you insight in the way we care for your furniture.

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    Products We Use

    What products we use is 100% dependent on Your decision. If you do your research online you are likely to end up confused, due to all different websites with conflicting opinions. It's imperative to listen to advice from someone that's knowledgeable, has a vast experience in using the different options and lastly independent. At Sydney Staining Services we pride ourselves on constantly reviewing and testing different options. We are also commited to not receiving any type of incentives from our suppliers. At the moment the products below are our favorites:

    Golden Care Teak Products
    Teak is again a trend in outdoor furniture, but now in another way: wicker chairs with ‘reclaimed’ teak tables. These wicker chairs often have a natural look (sand/clay/stone) with different colour shades within one fiber: white, beige, grey, taupe and brown.

    Golden Care has catered for this new trend with a wide choice of colour protectors for teak and other hardwoods. You just have to choose which colour protector fits best with your wicker and cushion collections to create a great look.

    Golden Care Teak Shield is an almost invisible wood impregnator that makes it difficult for wine, olive oil or butter to seep into teak.

    • Helps to prevent stains while keeping the natural look of the surface
    • Allows moisture vapour transmission
    • With built-in Mould & Mildew inhibitor
    • Designed for optimal penetration into dense, low-porosity surfaces

    Golden Care Teak Protector has honey brown pigment and provides a very attractive looking teak colour. 

    The Golden Care range of products are completely eco-safe, making them a great choice of furniture care products.

    100% Waterbased

    No Solvents / VOCs



    Non harmful

    100% biodegradable

    Golden Care Instant Grey turns new golden brown teak into old teak. Or maintains the driftwood-grey colour of old or reclaimed teak for a longer time. Matches your teak tables with the colour of your wicker chairs and cushions. Helps to hide sapwood.

    Golden Care White-Wash Turns new golden brown teak into light brown teak. Or grey teak into light grey teak. Maintains the light brown/light grey colour for a longer time. Matches your teak tables with the colour of your wicker chairs and cushions. Helps to hide sapwood.

    After applying this whiteWash, we strongly recommend letting us also treat the surface with Golden Care Teak & Hardwood Shield to prevent stains.

    Golden Care Teak Protector Wenge Coffee Brown For a black-brown colour. Wengé Protector turns new teak into black-brown teak. It maintains the black-brown colour for a longer time. Also suitable for other hardwoods. It matches teak tables
    with the black or grey colour of wicker chairs and cushions.
    Furthermore it helps hiding sapwood. After applying this Wengé Protector, we strongly recommend letting us to treat the surface with our Golden Care Teak & Hardwood Shield to prevent stains.

    Maintains the colour for a longer time

    Golden Care Hardwood Protector Red Brown Some hardwoods like bangkirai, meranti, acacia or red balau, are not light brown, but dark-brown or red-brown. For these hardwoods, we recommend the use of Golden Care Hardwood Protector red-brown which maintains the natural, red-brown colour of tropical hardwoods for a longer time. We always finish with Golden Care Teak & Hardwood Shield to prevent stains.

    Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine ‘monocoat’, suitable for coloring
    and protecting exterior wood in 1 single layer. The easy application and
    maintenance makes this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product.

    • Based on RMC technology using integrated UV* stabilizer.
    • 0% VOC, does not contain any water or solvents.
    • Suitable for almost all types of wood, can also be used for interior applications!
    • Available in 22 colours.
    • Easy to apply. Fast-drying.
    • Economical: minimum consumption.
    • Not film-forming. Does not flake off.
    • Maintenance with the same product. No need for sanding!

    Semco Teak Sealer  Provides long lasting natural looking protection.  Lasts through the season and can be renewed without deep cleaning or stripping for years!  Repels water without being slippery.  Known by some as the worlds best protection for teak.  Available in 5 shades. Semco Teak Sealer is very expensive so manual quote need to be made, please email or call us. Contact details at the bottom of the page.

    Teak Sealer Colours

    #1 Cleartone Contains no pigment, looks like oil; not as weather resistant.

    #2 Natural Gives wood the golden-tan glow of slightly weathered teak.

    #3 Honeytone Our most popular among teak furniture clients, it is a rich honey color that looks like new teak.

    Aqualis H2Oil Timber is a waterborne self-priming
    timber finish designed for use on all timber surfaces. H2Oil Timber
    exhibits excellent exterior, durability, it penetrates deep into the
    timber sealing and stabilising its fibres to minimise the effects of
    exposure to weather and sun.

    Designed as a one step, self-priming topcoat system for all interior
    and exterior wood work, furniture and timber structures. H2Oil Timber is
    suitable for use on mnish.

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    What They Say About Us

    We do know that a lot of companies write fake reviews. We are not them.
    Not even close to all of our customers communicates verbally how happy they are with our services, but what they DO have in common is that ALL of them wants us to come back year after year. These are some of our Facebook Google reviews. Here is a link to all our reviews.

    In June of 2018, we had our outdoor furniture restained. It was in a very bad condition, as regards to looking quite grey and lifeless. Par arranged for it to be taken to his workshop, where he performed a miracle. Stripping it down and restraining both the table, eight chairs and one bench. The result needs to be seen to be believed. I have no hesitation in saying that I will continue to rely on Par to keep it looking as good as it is from now on. Not only is this young man an Artiste at his craft,but he is reliable,honest,and ethical. I have NO hesitation in recommending him to anyone who requires a professional job done at an extremely reasonable rate. Thank You Par and the very best of good wishes for the future of your business. .

    Anna Baxter Facebook Review

    I only wish I had found out about Par's service before I replaced my old teak table. Luckily we kept the chairs, they were very weathered and he did an outstanding job of restoring them! Very prompt service, included pick up & delivery in less than one week also. Highly recommend and encourage to engage Par. Consider to re-use/repurpose your furniture before replacing or adding to landfill!

    Elisa Mettenbrink Google Review

    I don’t think I have ever come across a person, company or service that can compare with this one. From the moment I contacted them for a quote the process was effortless. Quoted, picked up, sent pictures of the progress including a video of the sanding. delivered back on time and at quoted price. I purchased my teak setting over 20 years ago and it was looking very very sad despite me staining it myself every few years. When they delivered it back I could not believe it was the same setting, almost looked brand new. If all business offered this level of service, then we would all be better off. Well done and you deserve every accolade possible. 120 out of 100 votes from me Peter Alsford , Sydney

    Peter Alsford Google Review

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