Benchmarking Teak Oils and Protectors

At Sydney Staining Services we are benchmarking teak oils & protectors on a continual basis. Naturally we are committed to continuous business improvement. Hence we are always keen to assess what stain, oil or protector is the strongest and most superior. Therefor we can ensure the best and most cost effective solution for our customers when it comes to Teak outdoor furniture maintenance. This Sample board has quite a lineup. These are our current favourites.

Benchmarking Teak Oils & Protectors

Starting from the Top left:

  • Golden Care Wenge Teak Protector Coffee Brown,
  • Golden Care Teak Instant Grey,
  • Porters Original Paint Palm Beach Black,
  • Feast Watson Teak outdoor furniture Oil,
  • Golden Care Teak Protector Honey Brown,
  • Sadolin Clear Teak Oil, Unfair comparison possibly  because this product doesn’t contain pigments. 
  • Semco Teak Sealer (Natural). 
Benchmarking Teak Oils & Protectors

Here is our newest sample board that will be fully exposed to sun and rain Benchmarking Teak Oils & Protectors

We are pumped and super exited to see what damage the Australian harsh climate can do the these teak protectors. Make sure to read our blog at least every other month to find out about how the sun and rain is affecting this sample board. We have a vision to install a live stream camera that shoots time lapse and will keep you updated on progress. The Instant Grey is extra intriguing to follow since you would expect little to no change in colour, if it changes then we will be disappointed. 

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