best stain for outdoor furniture

What is the

best stain for outdoor furniture?

To answer that question there are a couple of factors that comes into play. First of all, when you say Best stain for outdoor furniture we will assume that your definition of “best” is “the stain that requires the least amount of maintenance and is the most durable”. 

The factors are:

  • – Is your furniture fully exposed to sun and rain?
  • – What colour is your preference?
  • – Dining frequency? 

If your furniture will be under cover and get minimal sun and rain we recommend Sadolin Clear Teak Oil due to it’s stunning colour.

FAQ Teak outdoor furniture

If your furniture will be exposed to extreme sun and rain, we recommend

Golden Care Teak Protector

best stain for outdoor furniture


Another candidate for Best stain for outdoor furniture in extreme conditions is

Semco Teak Sealer 

Semco Teak Sealer

Semco Teak Sealer

To accomodate for requests when customers are after a specific colour we find that Sikkens Stains has the widest and most natural looking range. Also a really high quality product for extreme conditions. 


Do you find yourself dining a lot and have a few food spills, or even red wine spills you should most definitely let us apply

Golden Care Teak Shield. 

best stain for outdoor furniture

Sydney Staining Services Teak Shield Golden Care

The shield can be the last finishing step on any stain but it does work best on raw super fine sand papered teak. The protection of the teak shield last for around three months in Australia’s extreme climate. The benefit of signing up for our Gold Protection Plan is that it becomes our responsibility to maintain the colour and to yearly fix potential stains on the table top. The price of the Gold Protection Plan depends on the size of your setting. Contact us here to enquire about price.

If you want to see more about the products we recommend please head over to Products We Use