Best Stains for Teak Furniture

Best Stains for Teak Furniture

Have you ever wondered what the Best Stains for Teak Furniture? What stain or oil / protection you should put on your outdoor furniture? It’s a question that you cannot ask google. Why? Because you will only end up with 20 different biased opinions from websites that’s connected to the suppliers of the products. Therefor don’t waste your time, read this blog instead. Here you found a site that receives zero commision or incentives from suppliers. The only thing we might try to do is to take the actual preparation and application process off your hands. 

In our experience the best solvents based products for fully exposed furniture are FeastWatson, Sikkens, Semco and if the furniture is under cover Sadolin clear teak oil. Most of our customers prefers water based products due to it’s resilience and it’s ability to reduce the maintenance. When researching the best water based ones at this moment (2018) one company stand out; Golden Care Teak Protectors. If you want to see the products that we frequent the most they are here.

Caring for Teak

Caring for Teak the proper way does entail great products

Benchmarking Teak Oils and Protectors

Here is our newest sample board that will be fully exposed to sun and rain

What stains are you using?

This sample board has Porters Original Palm Beach black, Feast Watson, Golden Care Teak protector, Sadolin Clear Teak Oil, Semco Teak Sealer, Golden cares Instant Grey, Golden Cares White Wash and finally Golden Cares Teak Protector Coffee brown. 

We are currently exposing that sample board fully to sun and rain in an effort to assess what stain is the absolute best. Please watch this space for the outcome of that exercise. Another great idea is to like our Facebook page to keep updated about news in regards to Best Stains for Teak Furniture and also best ways to stain furniture.