Best workplace in Sydney

Best workplace in Sydney?

At Sydney Staining Services our vision statement and our strongest core value is “Here to help!”

We are here to help you 

as a customer to

  • – Have the best looking outdoor furniture all year round. 
  • – Spend more time with family or loved ones. (By letting us taking care of your outdoor timber).
  • – Find a service provider that you can wholeheartedly trust when it comes to quality of  work, integrity, access to property and satisfaction overall.
  • – Be confident that we wont damage anything, nor leave a mess behind.
  • – Have a great experience and find a company that sends out a friendly, professional and reliable team member.

as an employee to

  • – Have and employer that believes in you and will invest in your future.
  • – Have fun at work while delivering over and above results.
  • – Be paid above award.
  • – Be looked after in the changing circumstances of life.
  • – Keep physically fit by having us paying your monthly gym membership under the condition that you use it weekly.
  • – Be a part of a fun team that sets out to grow, improve and excel. 

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek


We aim to be the best workplace in Sydney. 

Our customer base is rapidly growinig and to meet the demand we are currently recruiting expert stainers, 

We are looking for professional wood stainers that

  • – Fits into the culture outlined in this blog post.
  • – Has experience of staining wood and are very thorough and extremely diligent.
  • – Has their own car, we will provide all tools and uniform.
  • – Are passionate about wood staining and happy customers.
  • – Can pass our theoretical and practical tests.

If this sounds like something that you would love to do, contact us here:

Do you want to join our team as an employee?