Black Teak Outdoor Furniture

Can I get my Teak Outdoor Furniture to become Black Teak Outdoor Furniture? The most recent trend with Teak Outdoor Furniture is to go Black. At Sydney Staining Services we love both the Golden Brown Honey Teak colour and the Jet-Black Golden Care Coffee Brown.

Black Teak Outdoor Furniture
Black is the new Black

How to make Teak Outdoor Furniture Black.

  1. Start by cleaning the furniture, if you want to know how to, please follow this link to read about how to Clean Teak Outdoor furniture the best way.
  2. Remember that the finished result wont ever be better than the preparation job. It’s worth spending some extra time on the prep.
  3. When the table is clean, dry and free from sawdust it is time to start the staining. Shake your Golden Care Teak Protector Coffee Brown for 1 minute upside down.
  4. Apply the product with a cloth, always apply along the timber grain.
  5. Less is more, it’s better to do many coats than to overapply.
  6. Try to fix potential drip marks or mistakes straight away, before it dries.
  7. Continue to apply and let it dry until you are pleased with the colour.
  8. Finish with two coats of Golden Care Teak Shield

All too hard?

We started this company for a couple of reasons, a few of them being;

  • For people to have an alternative to put their old teak outdoor furniture into land fill.
  • To help people to restore their Teak outdoor furniture
  • Our vision is for people to have stunning outdoor furniture season after season, to enable them entertaining and creating lifelong memories with their loved ones.
  • Don’t wait, Get your Black Teak Outdoor Furniture today, get a quote now.
  • If you want to read our other blogs, they are right here. We have plenty of useful content about Teak restoration and related topics.