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Buy Teak outdoor furniture (buying guide)

Buy teak outdoor furniture because Teak is the most weather resistant outdoor furniture timer that you can get.

Buy Teak outdoor furniture

The benefits of Teak timber for outdoor furniture

  • – It’s immune to rotting, it doesn’t need more maintenance than a regular cleaning wit warm soapy water. 
  • – It has beautiful grain and an awesome honey, golden brown attractive colour. 
  • – Teak age beautifully, the structure looks nice even after 20 years.
  • – The colour of any outdoor wood is easy to pay someone to look after, however the less sun you expose your furniture to, the less maintenance costs.
  • – Teak is very forgiving, you can always sand it back if something went wrong. 

When you buy teak outdoor furniture you want to look for A-grade teak, look for:

  • – a nice even color on the table
  • – that it’s only super fine sand papered, not stained when you buy it. (if it is pre stained it normally bad quality teak (b and C grade teak)
  • – hardly any knots in the timber
  • – dense grain (as in not too far apart)
  • – as much straight grain as possible. 
  • – when you touch it it should feel oily, not dry.

Naturally you can only buy teak outdoor furniture that your budget allows for. We recommend companies that gives you a 5-year warranty on their teak. Another thing to look for is a 30 days money back guarantee and good reviews on google and social media. Nowadays it’s simply impossible to offload poor quality teak to customers without them writing bad reviews on the internet. However a few bad reviews is a part of life, but if you see more than 20% bad reviews that is a warning flag. 

Good luck from us at Sydney Staining Services in buying outdoor teak furniture. Let us know if we can take the maintenance routine off your hands.

Have a good day!