Caring for Teak

Caring for Teak

is important, whether that be an Teak Outdoor Setting, a deck or a boat. The best way of caring for Teak is what we will discuss here. Teak is expensive and that’s a great reason to look after it. It doesn’t matter if you love the silver grey patina of weathered teak or if you want to maintain the Honey brown colour of Teak. Maybe you want to try Golden cares latest Coffee Brown colour. Regardless we are here to help. The best way to achieve the Silver grey colour is to use Golden Care Teak shield to avoid ugly stains from food, drinks, birds and drunk relatives.

It is wise to expose your newly bought teak outdoor setting to the weather roughly for four weeks. That way the tanin that’s in the timber will bleed out. Next step is to give it a clean with warm soapy water.

After it’s dry you can apply the shield. It’s important that the timber is dry. Why? Simply because it is possible to trap moisture UNDER the shield, you are supposed to trap it OVER the shield. 

NANO technology Teak Shield

Golden Care Teak Shield

At we go great lengths to ensure that Golden Care Teak Shield is applied correctly. Because we believe that it is of utmost importance to not over-apply it. The timber has to be dry, we cannot stress that enough. If you feel like you will stuff this up, contact us for a free quote. We will do the necessary sanding and ensure that your shield will penetrate the timber. 

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If you like the idea of giving your Teak Outdoor Setting some colour we have a wide range. Contact us. We love Caring for Teak and we can take care of your setting. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, possibly on facebook?