Commercial Teak Restoration Sydney

At Sydney Staining Services we frequently have commercial customers and we are one of the leading companies in Commercial Teak Restoration Sydney. We strive to understand the corporate needs, therefor we have set up our systems and processes to comply with the commercial regulations. Even more exciting is that we can give commercial discount on big jobs. Please use our quoting wizard to acquire a price and then we will contact you with our best offer depending on project size.

Commercial Teak Restoration Sydney

We have invested in Mirkas Dust Free Sanding Technology to not leave any dust behind and we have a policy to leave the worksite in a better state than it was when we arrived. You can imagine how much that makes us stand out amongst any trades people. 

Mirka's dust free sanding system

Please follow this link if you want to read more about Mirkas different products. (No we have no connection to them, we just love their products.) Also, they are on the forefront in occupational safety. At Sydney Staining Services we strive for Zero accidents and Sydney’s best workplace. Mirka’s dust free sanding system is one contributing factor helping us achieving that.  

To conclude, it’s our belief that we will be a good fit and a good partner for your company. We would love to take all teak outdoor furniture maintenance off your hands and let you focus on core business. A fair few bowling clubs in Sydney has Teak Benches and we can give you extremely competitive prices to take the maintenance off your hands and making you standing out as the most beautiful bowling club in Sydney. We offer special packages to retirement complexes and to make their Teak outdoor benches looking better than ever before. Just hit this link now to get an obligation free quote!