Comparing teak protection products

Comparing teak protection products

Comparing teak protection products is easy, however the internet is full of opinionated websites that sells product or has  links to where to buy the products, don’t listen to them. If they are selling something, naturally they are biased. When comparing teak protection products, search for products with many good internet reviews and try to find sites that are full of comments from the end users. 

At Sydney Staining Services we pride ourselves on not accepting any incentives from our suppliers. The products that we recommend are products that we have been using for years and that does perform. We refuse to bag out products that we don’t use.  Simply because we firmly believe that our customers can research what products that DOES work, rather than what does not work. 

The product testing video below is our first and we will do a lot more in the future:


Summary of text and video:

Golden Care Teak protector

is water based and therefor environmentally friendly. Not dangerous to apply and doesn’t require Turpentine for cleaning up. Other good things about Golden Care Teak Protector is that it’s actually more resilient and long lasting than anything we have tried.  It’s also more forgiving. What we mean by that is that you don’t have to continue the protection process. If you simply stop, the teak will go to a natural looking silver grey colour eventually.  The down side is that it is hard work and extremely time consuming to put teak protector in between slats on teak chairs. Only if the gap is too narrow to fit your fingers through, if it’s wider than that, no issues. 

Update 21/1/21

Rubio Monocoat Sunprimer and Hybrid Wood Protector

This is a product we recently discovered, by far the most expensive product on the market but also the most versatile with a vast range of colour options and even the option to mix colors.  If your timber is fully exposed you need to start with sun primer before you put on the Hybrid wood protector. the Hybrid wood protector has excellent moisture resistant properties but not as strong against exposure to sun. The sun primer requires that you apply along the timber grain where the hybrid wood protector is more forgiving. 


Sadolin Clear Teak Oil 

is solvents based and penetrates the teak a lot deeper. It has an fantastic colour and does last for a long time fully under cover. It’s extremely easy to apply and can even be sprayed on between slats on chairs. We use a staining brush to ensure that we really get the oil to penetrate the teak. It does require a lot of cleaning after a completed job. It’s super important to not leave any rags behind since they can self ignite and start a fire.  We only use this oil if customers are asking for it, we do not like solvent based products and think that it is probably bad for teak long term. 

Feastwatson Teak Oil

is similar to Sadolin but does have a different colour that some people will prefer. It’s also a tad more matt than Sadolin. It has more bad reviews than any of the other two, but it also has a large customer following that loves the product. As the Sadolin, we do not like solvent based products and think that it is probably bad for teak long term. 

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