Dining Table Restored

Do you find yourself in Sydney looking for Dining Table Restoration, look no further. Sydney Staining Services mainly does Teak Outdoor Furniture but can also do indoor furniture. Here is a link to our different services. The crucial component when restoring furniture is to have an efficient and dust-free sanding system. It does make the timber grain enhanced and really makes the table come to life again.

Dust-free sanding system

For two years now we have been using the Mirka dustfree sanding system for both outdoor dining restoration and indoor dining restoration.

Dining Table Restored
This Mirka Dust Free Sanding System makes all the difference when it comes to Sanding furniture.

It is satisfying to watch the old tired table stain coming off and seeing how the table transforms, right in front of your eyes. The timber grain becomes highlighted and the living material all of a sudden appears. If you want to experience that, here is a short video of Dining Table Restoration:

If you want to see more videos this is our facebook page and the intriguing videos of restoration.

How to restore a dining table

— When sanding always sand along the grain

— Start with 40 grit sand paper and work your way up to 400 grit, we use 40, 80, 120, 240, 320 and finishing with 400.

— The more thorough you are with the preparation (sanding) the better end result you will achieve.

— Staining is best done by professionals, that’s why they get paid to do it. You are likely to find that in the end you need to hire an expert to fix up the mistakes made.

— Common mistakes when staining is to over-apply, under apply, leaving streaks, getting dust in the finishing layer etc.

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