Domestic Teak outdoor furniture restoration

Sydney Staining Services are now approaching 100 customers that have had their Teak outdoor furniture either restored  or protected. When it comes to Domestic Teak outdoor furniture restoration opposed to commercial we appreciate that availability might be an issue since most people work full time. Hence we have made a few Sundays available each month. However, it is a good idea to book a month in advance. Naturally that might or might not be possible, but Sundays tend to fill up quick. 

Here is a sample board that shows the options that you can have in terms of colour. We believe in constantly reviewing and widen our colour option range. We strive to ensure that you are happy, therefore we implemented a Satisfaction Guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“At Sydney Staining Services we are committed to 100% happy customers and good reviews on the internet. And the way our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee works is that after a job has been done, you will inspect it and pay on completion. We will literally re-stain your setting until you are 100% happy. If you want to compare us to other staining companies, remember that we do the staining in front of you in your backyard. That gives you insight in the way we care for your furniture and that we actually always put three coats of stain or oil on. ”

Benchmarking Teak Oils and Protectors

At Sydney Staining Services we are committed to continuous business improvement

Domestic Teak outdoor furniture restoration

As a customer of ours you can be sure to expect a professional experience. Sydney Staining Services will look after both your area and your teak outdoor furniture. Domestic Teak outdoor furniture restoration is gaining popularity simply because families value family time. 

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