Golden Care White Wash Teak Chair

When should I use Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash?

A few times recently we have received this question an here is the answer:

Golden Care Instant grey works best on furniture that has been somewhat exposed to the sun. A basic requirement before applying G.C.Instant grey is to clean the furniture. Instant Grey gives the furniture an almost solid grey colour. The application is much more unforgiving than the other Golden Care products. To clarify that statement, Golden Care products are normally reasonably easy to apply without getting streaks or patchy finish, Instant Grey is different. A classic mistake is to try to rectify mistakes and imperfections and then finding yourself making it worse and worse.

Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash
Golden Care Instant Grey Cleans up nicely

Golden Care White Wash on the other hand is very forgiving and super easy to apply. Opposed to the Instant Grey that only have the feature of making your Teak grey, White Wash has it has many different purposes and areas where it can be used. Such as in combination with all other Golden Care products to reduce the colour tinge. Furthermore it can actually be used as a lazy man’s cleaner it you find your Silver grey weathered teak looking a bit to dark and dirty (not mouldy).

Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash

However, when you have applied Golden Care White Wash it is crucial that you also apply Golden Care Teak Shield. Not one coat. always two. If you fail to do so, you will find that your Teak outdoor furniture all of a sudden is very easy to get stained and dirty.

To Summarise Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash:

Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash

Leave Golden Care Instant grey application to the professionals, get a quote here.

Golden Care Instant Grey Vs. White Wash

Golden Care White Wash is great if you want to reduce the shade of your teak outdoor furniture setting. It can be combined with any Golden Care products but should be followed by Golden Care Teak Shield.

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