Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney

At Sydney Staining Services we value environmentally friendly products that are efficient. Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney is classified as non-hazardous. We love this planet and want to leave it in a good state for next generation. Therefor we prefer to use products that doesn’t contain poison. One such product is Golden Care Teak Cleaner available in Sydney.  Follow this link to see where you can get hold of it.

Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney

Golden Care Teak Cleaner 

This is an extract from Golden Cares Website: “To clean and restore discoloured, dark grey teak and hardwood, this water-based formula is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener ingredients,  which bring back the original colour of new teak/hardwood. Most of the competitive brands require a 2-step-process: a separate cleaner and brightener.
This creates twice as much work for the consumer.
An extra advantage: unlike most of the other teak cleaners, ours is classified as non-hazardous.”

To use Golden Care Teak Cleaner entails some scrubbing and hard work, so if you aren’t into that, you definitely want to contact us for a quote.  

How often should teak be cleaned?

Teak should be cleaned every year as a bare minimum but we recommend every 6 months and if you have problem with mold growing due to moisture content every 3 months is required. If you do decide to clean your Teak outdoor furniture setting yourself there are a few things to keep in mind. We wrote a useful blog on that topic. Hence we advice that you check it out before you start to avoid the most common mistakes. Therefor if you want more info on how to clean Teak please follow this link. 


Can I use the high pressure hose on Teak outdoor furniture?

No, we certainly discommend you using a high-pressure hose for the reasons that it will damage the Teak in numerous ways. If you come to close to the timber you blast away all the soft grain in the timber and only leave the hard grain. It is also possible to fray the timber and lastly to push out the internal teak oil.