Golden Care Teak Instant Grey

At Sydney Staining Services we have an increasing amount of customers that are asking us if we can turn their newly bought Teak outdoor furniture setting into the weathered silver grey look. Golden Care Teak Instant Grey  does exactly that and it makes the furniture look great. We are excited about this new trend. Mainly because of how Sydney Staining Services can control the shade of grey to be what the customer wants. We are experienced in White washing and can make the Teak outdoor setting as light as you want it. 

We can also come and make your grey weathered deck white washed, thereafter your grey teak furniture will look awesome as a contrast. Contact us for a quote and you will be surprised about how affordable it is to white wash a deck.   Naturally we will also seal it with Golden Care Hardwood Shield so you don’t have to worry about it being easy to stain and get dirty. 

Golden Care Deck Shield

A great idea for your deck

Golden Care Teak Instant Grey applied by Sydney Staining Services is also finished with two coats of Golden Care Teak Shield. We love to exceed customers expectations and we are passionate about enhancing the beauty of timber grain. 

Golden Care Teak Instant Grey

Golden Care’s Instant Teak will turn your new honey colored teak into a silver grey patina.

Here are a few features of  Golden Care Teak Instant Grey

  • Turns new golden brown teak into old teak. 
  • Maintains the driftwood-grey colour of old or reclaimed teak for a longer time.
  • Matches your teak tables with the colour of your wicker chairs and cushions.
  • Helps to hide sapwood.

We are here to help regardless if you use our services or not, feel free to ask us questions. 

Since we are based in Australia we do have extreme conditions for Teak Outdoor Furniture. Therefor we can help answering oversees questions as well. The Sun here is extremely harsh and quickly eat through bad quality oils and stains. Please ask us for advice.

Caring for Teak

Caring for Teak the proper way does entail great products