Golden Care Teak Oil

Golden Care Teak Oil 

Is a paradox and definitely not what the product is called. It’s Golden Care Teak Protector. However, a lot of people search for Golden Care Teak Oil, therefor we thought we might write a blog on it, to clarify the difference between the protector and the oil products from other suppliers. The reason we say it’s a paradox is that All Golden Cares products are water based, opposed to oil based. Hence there are no oil involved. Golden Care has the nice feature of not requiring to be committed to. If you stain your Teak Outdoor Furniture with Golden Care Teak Protector, there wont be any ongoing maintenance to keep up. The colour will fade from Honey Brown, to Light yellow to finally arrive to the colour of weathered teak.  

Can I apply the Golden Care Teak Protector by myself?

Yes, you certainly can. With that said, a lot of our customers has done a few mistakes, especially when finishing with the Golden Care Teak Shield. We have written other blogs on that topic. Naturally it is better do use a professional that has vast experience in cleaning, preparing  and applying the Golden Cares products. That way you get perfect result and time over for other things. When you require a quote from us, please follow this link. 

Golden Care Teak Protector

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To summarise this blog we would like to conclude that Golden Care Teak Oil is a confusion and does not exist. Golden Care Teak protector on the other hand is water based and eco-friendly. Non Toxic, non corrosive and not harmful. Not to mention 100% bio degradable.  


If you want to read more on the developers website please follow this link.