How to restore a varnished teak table

The key on how to restore a varnished Teak table is to be prepared for hard work. 

By hard work we mean super Hard work.

There is no easy way, varnish is a real pain to get off. At Sydney Staining Services we have made a commitment to use environmentally friendly solutions. Hence we bought Mirka’s Dust free sanding system. Furthermore,we believe that even though sanding takes an awful long time, it’s the correct way. This video gives you insight in how we recently restored a table that had been varnished. Of course the customer hated the new appearance after they were done with the long process of putting varnish on the table. They contacted us in despair and asked us to help them. 

Once we were done it had it’s natural reclaimed Teak look back. Naturally the customer were over the moon mainly because they didn’t have to buy a new table. The story doesn’t stop there; we did proceed to apply Golden Care Teak shield to the table. Therefor it got the same features as the varnish in terms of being stain and water repellent. If it was your table, would you prefer the before or after look?

How to restore a varnished teak table

Restoring a varnished Teak table

Subsequently, D.I.Y. is not always the way to go. You will save time and money by contacting Sydney Staining Services. To conclude this blog How to restore a varnished Teak table, we would like to suggest to NOT varnish the table in the first place. At some point you will have to spend days in sanding it off. Technology has evolved and Varnish has been replaced by NANO-Technology. 

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