How to restore outdoor teak furniture settings

Does your outdoor furniture setting look a bit sad and you are asking google the question how to restore outdoor teak furniture settings? This is your one stop shop to find out how. Congratulations if you live in Sydney, not only to the weather, but also to the fact that you don’t have to do the hard work. Sydney Staining Services can come and within one day, sand your teak outdoor furniture setting back. Naturally with Mirka’s dust-free sanding system and then apply your prefered Teak protection product. That’s how to restore outdoor teak furniture settings.

At Sydney Staining Services we start out by giving the setting a thorough course sanding to shave off all moss, mold and oxidized teak oil. Then we proceed working our way through increasing grit sand paper until we reach 240 grit. If you will attempt to restore on your own, remember to always sand along the grain of the timber.  

In terms of providing useful video content on How to restore outdoor teak furniture settings we can ensure you that we are just warming up. If you are interested to follow that progress subscribe to this Youtube channel here

Does your teak outdoor furniture setting has many different coats of stain? 

When you pay a lot of money for a teak outdoor setting its appropriate to look after it on a yearly basis. Too many people have done the mistake of staining settings with random teak oil, varnish and a bunch of different products. Leaving it in a state where it has different layers of products, and a very uneven finish. After that, there are really only the option of thoroughly sanding it. That’s easy with a dining table but a lot of work with chairs. However, both the owner and all staff members at Sydney Staining Services loves the process of restoring teak outdoor furniture. Delegate the task to us and do something that YOU enjoy on the weekend. 

We regularly get contacted by Sydneysiders that has started to restore their settings but get overwhelmed half way through. If you want to get an estimate on a restoration job, click or tap here.