Kwila Timber Outdoor Furniture Restored

Our latest project of Kwila Timber Outdoor Furniture Restoration went well. The customer gave us a raving Google review and we were extremely happy with the outcome. Kwila is a hardwood that grows in the Southeast pacific rim. Not prone to cracking or splitting and also very durable makes it a good timber option for outdoor furniture or decks. Some people know the timber as Merbau.

On this particular job we restored a massive round table with a lazy susan and 10 chairs. It would have been extremely hard without or Mirka dust free sanding system with 40-400 abrasive.

Do you have Kwila Timber Outdoor Furniture?

On the off chance that you find yourself needing a Kwila Timber Outdoor Furniture Restoration, here is the link to our fully automated quote generator. It’s a brilliant tool when looking for a price and not wanting to speak to someone.

If you have a Teak outdoor furniture setting you can use the same quoting generator. You’d be surprised to know how easy and affordable it is to delegate the restoration and maintenance of your outdoor furniture setting. Timber is the most beautiful option when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Do you want to enhance the grain in the timber?

Kwila timber has the red tones opposed to the honey brown tones of Teak. Golden cares Hardwood Protector Red brown does really compliment the timber. It not only gives it an attractive colour but also enhances the grains in the timber. Finally for you that live outside Sydney metro, and therefore don’t have the privilege to let Sydney Staining Services restore and maintain your timber outdoor furniture. For you we will here quickly condense our best restoration / maintenance tips.

Golden Care Hardwood Protector Red Brown
  1. Sand the furniture thoroughly before staining it. Preparation job is always where a good restoration falls over.
  2. Work along the grain weather it be sanding cleaning or staining of your timber setting.
  3. Immediately wipe up potential drip marks
  4. Do restoration when the weather is forecasted to be blue sky for two days.