Sydney Staining Services

Let’s not die curious.

At Sydney Staining Services we are in love with the idea to stain an teak timber outdoor furniture table in Porters Palm Beach Black stain. If you too love the idea you can get it done for free. The only requirements are that

  • we can take plenty of before and after pictures.
  • you will keep us informed on how the stain is performing over time.
  • we can take picture of the table every 2 months for 8 months.
Sydney Staining Services simply haven’t tried this before, but we love the idea. Do you want to be our guinea pig?

We are aware that Porters don’t recommend this paint for outdoor furniture, but we recon it would look way too good to not take the plunge. If no one takes us up on this offer, we simply have to do it on our own teak outdoor dining table. 

Sydney Staining Services

Porters Paint Palm Beach Black

At Sydney Staining Service we want to enable people to be creative, so if someone want a black outdoor dining table, we want in! This is your chance to get a staining job free. We simply don’t know what the table will look like after exposure to sun, luckily Porters Palm Beach is a water based colour, meaning it can always be sanded back. 

Let’s not die curious!

How do I get chosen?

Share this post on facebook and include a picture of the table that you have in mind for the extreme makeover and we will pick a winner. 

Like our facebook page. 

That’s all! Sounds too good to be true? It’s a one off so if you snooze, you loose. Don’t wait, get amongst it today!

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