Mirka's dust free sanding system

Mirka’s dust free sanding system – Why?

The reasons why Sydney Staining Services has invested in Mirka’s dust free sanding system is:

  • – We don’t leave ANY sawdust behind at the customers houses. That is a part of our commitment to our core-value of leaving the site in a better and tidier state than when we arrived. To many Trades people do the opposite.  
  • – Our employees and their long term health is very important to us. Due to Mirka’s dust free sanding system we have been able to provide a good and clean work environment for them. We have staff members that actually LOVE sanding and their only issue was the dust. Not anymore. 

Mirka's dust free sanding system

  • – The system is also really quiet compared to other sanders. Who doesn’t appreciate quiet, opposed to loud and noisy when it comes to contractors doing work in your backyard. 
  • – Mirka’s dust free sanding system is by far the most environmentally friendly option on the market and their abrasives are so much more durable than the alternatives. 
  • – Last and least, their products colour scheme works very well with ours:

Mirka's dust free sanding system

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