Nano Technology Shield for Teak Tables

What is Nano Technology Shield for Teak Tables and why would I need it? Isn’t Teak so rich in internal Teak oil that it works as a natural water repellant therefor making it highly water resistant? That is somewhat accurate, but untreated Teak does not make water or food stains bead on top of the table. This is where Nano Technology Shield for Teak Tables comes in.

Nano Technology Shield for Teak Tables
Nano Technology Shield for Teak Tables

Golden Care Teak Shield contains Nano Technology Shield. It is reasonably easy to apply, if you follow the instructions. The risks you are running is to over-apply it, to trap moisture under the shield and also to apply water instead of Nano technology. (Therefor you need to shake the bottle upside down for 1 minute before using it.)

The below text is from Golden Care’s website and explains how NANO-Technology works on Teak tables.

How does it work?

The Nanoparticles work in a 3 step process:

1. The liquid is applied to the surface

2. The Nanoparticles organise & arrange themselves. They bond to the surface & fill up the pores.  

3. They become part of the surface itself and start doing their job: to protect.

As usual with science, Nano-tech this wasn’t invented, but discover in nature. Referring to the way water beads on leaves instead or making a blob of water.

If you want us to come and help you apply both Teak protector and Nano Technology shield for your Teak Table you can get an automated quote right here. You can benefit from our vast experience in maintaining the natural colour of Teak. We made a living out of restoring and maintaining outdoor settings in greater Sydney. Our customer base spans all the way from New Castle to Wollongong to the Blue Mountains.

If you want to see a lot of before and after pictures we have them all on our facebook page.