Comparing teak protection products

Teak Outdoor Furniture – To oil or not to oil.


Do I need to oil teak outdoor furniture?


In regards to oiling Teak Outdoor Furniture, we at Sydney Staining Services know that there isn’t any need to apply oil or teak protector to teak outdoor furniture from a structural perspective. Teak has plenty of natural oil internally and it will look after it self better than we ever could.

However, the nice golden, honey brown colour of teak outdoor furniture is in our opinion what makes it so beautiful. THAT is why we exist, -to maintain beauty and functionality in your outdoor area. The strong sun in Australia will quite quickly make your teak go to a weathered silver grey colour. (Oxidation from the sun)

The way we ensure that your outdoor furniture stays in the honey golden colour is that we apply Golden Care Teak Protector. Moreover we also finish with a couple of coats of Golden Care Teak Shield to maximise your tables stain and water resistance ability.

That means that when you have people over for the weekend. (Picture plenty of great food, olives and possibly red wine, as in potential threats to the nice clean appearance of your outdoor table), you don’t have to be fearful. You can relax, enjoy, lean back and laugh instead, because your table has the latest NANO-technology shield that protects it from stains.

NANO technology shield

Why are you being so honest?

Wouldn’t you get more business if you as a oil and staining company said “Yes, you definitely have to oil you teak outdoor furniture”? We believe in honesty and hold that core value dear to everything we do in our business. To quote a business legend:

“I believe fundamental honesty is the keystone of business.” – HARVEY FIRESTONE

Is teak oil bad for outdoor furniture?

The concern is that Teak oil mainly contains solvents that’s pushing out the natural oil in the timber. We believe that this is probably true.  Therefor at Sydney Staining Services we use mainly Golden Cares water based products and Rubio Monocoats Hybrid wood protector. Teak oil only if the customer requests it. However, our experience is long term happy customers with all of these products. 

Summary (Do I need to oil teak outdoor Furniture?)

So to sum that up, through Harvey Firestone’s honest worldview and to answer the question: Do I need to oil Teak outdoor furniture? No, you don’t, the only legit reason to oil it is because you are like us and you love the colour and also you want to make it less inclined to soak up stains from food and drinks. If you think about it, the best and happiest memories are normally created over food in the company of family and friends, let us help you to make that as enjoyable as it should without worries about stains on your newly bought beautiful outdoor dining table setting.

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