Poolside Furniture Restored

A lot of Sydney-siders finds themselves with Teak outdoor furniture. At first it looks spectacular. Then after they put Teak Oil on it and subsequently neglect the maintenance, that’s when the furniture starts looking unattractive. Too many people put it out for council cleanup. Adding to landfill. Sydney Staining Services started business to reduce the waste and put a stop to putting perfectly good furniture in landfill. If you want your Teak Furniture Restored click this link to our quoting wizard.

There have been a lot of good maintenance inventions for swimming pools making it easier to have a robot scouting the pool. Unfortunately there are no Teak maintenance robots on the market. However, the good news is that we at Sydney Staining Services would love to be your own personal maintenance robots. If you need Poolside Furniture Restored give us a call.

What is Teak patina?

The internal Teak oil oozes out to the surface. The rays of the sun hits the oil and oxidises it. That creates the silver grey weathered patina of teak. There are plenty of ways to shave that off. First option is to give the Teak a good thorough clean with warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Working along the timber grain and scrub the patina off. Second option is to bring out Mirkas dust free sanding system and that way shave the patina off. Third option is to follow this link to our automated quoting system.

To have your Poolside Furniture Restored is good but what’s even better is to maintain it on a yearly basis so it doesn’t need restoration. It’s surprisingly easy to maintain it, naturally it’s even easier having us maintain it. Contact us for a quote and you have one thing less to worry about.

If you still have concerns if we can be trusted with your furniture please follow this link to see out reviews.