Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture

The best way to Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture is to let someone else do it. At Sydney Staining Services we are used to the hard work of cleaning, sanding and staining teak outdoor furniture. If you aren’t used to it, it will take you a little bit more time. For most people that ends up in shortcuts and less than perfect outcome.  Don’t get us wrong, if you are like us and love what it entails to Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture then we want to cheer you on. (And maybe even join our team). However, if your spare time is limited and you have a family that needs quality time, just call, email or use our quoting wizard.

Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture

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Do’s and Don’ts

It is crucial for the finished result that you do a thorough prep work, there are no shortcuts to an excellent outcome, only hard tedious work. To use efficient timber strippers will end up costing a lot of money and being bad for the environment. The old sander is definitely the best way to Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture. Naturally the high pressure hose should be avoided at all cost simply due to it’s ability to damage the teak and rinse out teaks protective internal Teak Oil. 

Always follow the grain in the timber when cleaning, sanding and staining Teak Outdoor Furniture. 

Choose products that are eco friendly and that enhances the grain in the timber. 

Make sure to cover the working area with drop sheets.

For your on health make sure to use protective gear, especially when sanding and staining. 

How much do you charge to Restore Teak Outdoor Furniture?

We get that question a lot, therefor we decided to make an automated process on our website. Using it you only have to chose the size, and current state or condition of the Teak Outdoor Furniture. When done so it spits out a price.