Weathered Teak Outdoor dining chairs

Weathered Moldy Teak Outdoor Furniture is a big project to take on.

Weathered Moldy Teak Outdoor Furniture is something that you would expect to spend the entire weekend on restoring. To get your neglected Teak Outdoor Furniture Dining Setting back to it’s original state, you need to prepare yourself mentally for hard work. Do NOT use the high pressure hose. Reason being that you run a great risk to damage the surface of the wood. If you don’t, you are guaranteed to damage the internal parts of the wood and blow the protective Teak oil out of it. At Sydney Staining Services we enjoy the process or restoring Teak outdoor furniture, leave your teak outdoor furniture in our capable hands. 

Weathered Moldy Teak Outdoor Furniture Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney Staining Services

Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney Staining Services

We frequently get the question to restore Weathered Moldy Teak Outdoor Furniture via our social media channels and the next question is always price. Therefor we have built a software on our website where you choose what type of furniture you have, what state it is in and then it spits out a price. 

Mouldy Teak

Mouldy Teak

However, you are quite likely to read this blog far away from Sydney, therefor we will share our:

Top 9 tips when restoring Weathered Moldy Teak Outdoor Furniture.

  • – Ensure that your piece of furniture is damp all the way through, not only on the surface.
  • – Use a proper Teak cleaning product that has good reviews.
  • – Let it sit on the wood for the time recommended on the bottle before you scrub it.
  • – Be thorough the first time you scrub it so you wont have to do a second run.
  • – Keep the furniture moist throughout the process.
  • – Rinse it thoroughly after you are done to ensure that you don’t leave cleaning products inside the teak.
  • – After you let it dry you can give it a light hand sand on the spots that you missed. 
  • – Do not use a power sander because it will create too much heat and burn the wood. Unless you can get hold of a Mirka Sander .
  • – Play your favourite music while restoring furniture and hydrate.