Outdoor Furniture Sanding Sydney

You started sanding your outdoor teak table and realised how overwhelming it is to sand a full setting? You are not wrong, it is overwhelming and also not the way you want to spend your well deserved time off. Get it professionally done instead. Click or tap here to get a quote

After using Mirkas dust free sanding system for a year we count the time before and after we bought that system. It’s extremely efficient and keeps our customers areas clean and free from sawdust. The system is expensive but brilliant, meaning you need to use it weekly to justify the investment.

Sanding Outdoor Furniture Sydney

Recently we had a customer that started the process of sanding a teak outdoor furniture table back. It had 15 years of different layers of teak oil on it. The table almost looked varnished, you can see on the right side of the table where the customer started to sand. That little patch alone took them an hour.

Outdoor Furniture Sanding Sydney
Sanding Outdoor Furniture Sydney

We rocked up and knocked the entire process over in less than 4 hours. The process of sanding it back to natural state and then applying Golden Care Teak Protector and Golden Care Teak Shield. The customer were amazed over how easy it was when you have the right tools and knowledge for the job. Naturally the gave us a five star google review.

However, if you do decide to tackle the job by yourself there are a couple of tips for Sanding Outdoor Furniture Sydney:

  • Always start with course sand paper (40-80grit)
  • Work your way through the sandpapers 120grit – 240grit – 320grit – 400grit
  • Sand along the grain, always.
  • Don’t use belt sander, they can shred the teak.
  • Ensure that you are using proper protective gear unless you have a dust free sanding system.