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Sydney Staining Services makes your life easy with our instant quotes, experienced stainers and our

Deck Staining Sydney

Deck staining, Deck sanding, Deck restoration and Deck building.

 Contact us for a quote, we are claiming to be among the best in the industry. If you want excellent workmanship and superb result Sydney Staining Services is your partner. We wont be the cheapest or the most expensive option. However, we promise to deliver above and beyond expectations based upon your previous decking company. Try us!
Stain Outdoor Furniture Sydney

New Furniture Finishing

Have you bought a new timber outdoor setting and want it to look new year after year? Sydney Staining Services can come and prepare it for staining, stain it and give in that beautiful honey colored teak look. The grain in the timber becomes highlighted and its also more resistant against sun damage, dirt and water. We also offer Golden Care Teak Shield that uses the latest NANO technology to make your setting stain and water repellent.
Teak Restoration Sydney

Renew Pre-Loved Items

To restore an outdoor setting from weathered, moldy and dirty will take you many days. With our latest dustless sanding system technology, it can be done in one day.
Our customers are always blown away by how nice their old tired Teak comes up. It literally comes back to life in front of their eyes. 
Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Sydney

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

To minimize the risk of mold it's imperative that you clean your outdoor setting every 2-3 months. The best and easiest way to clean teak outdoor furniture is to first hose it down thoroughly, keep on hosing for a good 5 minutes until you are sure the timber has absorbed the water. Then you give it a good scrub with warm soapy water using a kitchen brush. It's very important that you follow the grain and that you make sure that the teak remains wet through the entire process of scrubbing. Be diligent with all areas of the table to not have mold develop anywhere. Once you have scrubbed the entire outdoor setting with the warm soapy water you need to hose it down again.

If this sounds overwhelming we have professional cleaners that would love to clean your setting on an ongoing basis.

Commercial Deck Staining Sydney

Commercial Work

If you have teak furniture at a resort, bowling club or restaurant etc, we can take on commercial work and will give you an extremely competitive price on bigger jobs. We love what we do and you will notice our passion for maintaining your outdoor furniture. Full compliance with liability insurance, SWMS, SDS, Workers comp and PPE
Commercial Deck Staining Sydney
The hottest trend right now is Shou Sugi Ban. We offer a premium service. Our process is cleaning, charring, brushing, cleaning and lastly protecting the furniture with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. More information available here.

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