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Thank you Anna for the nicest thing anyone has written about Sydney Staining Services! We are looking forward to see you next time.

Posted by Sydney Staining Services on Monday, August 20, 2018


First of all, our customers are something extra, regardless how good customer service you have, it’s unusual to find customers like Anna.  Lovely person and also a very good writer. However, there are a few things you can do.

Sydney Staining Services Reviews – click here to see our reviews.

  • – Have a satisfaction guarantee. Win-Win relationships can never be about taking money if the customer isn’t happy. We do deposits but all our customers pays in full only on completion and inspection. If they aren’t happy, we make sure to fix it before we take their money. 
  • Sydney Staining Services Reviews
  • – Have an extra mile attitude. If the customer asks you to do something, don’t ONLY do what they ask you but also something additional. Blow them away.
  • – Be punctual and communicate if the traffic is making you late. 
  • – Use the products that’s best for the customer even if that means you will get less frequent repeat business. Save the customer money, don’t milk them. They will be loyal to you and write you good reviews online. 
  • – Have empathy, meaning put your self in the customers shoes, view your interactions from the customers perspective, not yours. 

That was a few things that you can take and use in any business. 

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