Teak furniture restoration near me

When looking for Teak furniture restoration near me, it’s important to find someone that will:

  • do a thorough job
  • use the best products
  • have a dust free sanding system
  • restore the teak outdoor furniture for a reasonable amount
  • a quick turn-around

Teak furniture restoration near me

At Sydney Staining Services we pride ourselves on being able to see the job from the customers perspective. That entails being extremely diligent with both the teak restoration and the customers property. Therefore we can ensure that the teak will look good for a long time. Naturally, we only use superior products that has the latest research based in science. Moreover, when it comes to what our customers appreciate, their favourite is our dust-free sanding system. Our Mirka sanders uses Mirkas Abranet to being able to send all the sawdust into Mirkas vacuum. If you want to read more about their system it’s right here.

Mirka's dust free sanding system

To summarize, don’t call a local handyman and hope that the furniture will be professionally restored. If you contact us you get a level of workmanship that you simply cannot find elsewhere. Why? Because we live and breath Teak restoration and we are passionate about the restoration process.

You probably have called a tradie before that comes late, put down the tools and then racks off for an hour, comes back and fluffs around, leaves for lunch and then tells you he will be back in a couple of days. If you do not want the to happen but you want someone that comes on time and works hard until the task is completed, contact Sydney Staining Services.

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