Teak Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Teak Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

First of all, if you do exactly that, maintaining your Teak Outdoor Furniture setting, there wont be any need to do a big restoration project. Teak needs to be stained every 8-12 months and cleaned every 3-6 months. The wise alternative to maintaining your Teak Outdoor furniture is of course to let us do the maintenance. The picture shows a table that has been exposed to too much sun and too little cleaning. We started with hosing down the setting with excessive amounts of water to ensure that the teak is soaked and not just surface wet. After that we used Golden Care Teak Cleaner and did a lot of scrubbing. There is no easy way to restore teak and even the most efficient products are not that strong. Plus they contain poison, which we refuse to use.

Golden Care Teak Cleaner Sydney

Golden Care Teak Cleaner


Once the hardcore scrubbing was done we brought the old Sander out, simply because of the the way it enhances the grain in the finished result. Finishing sanding is best done with a 120-240 grit. Always sand along the grain, NEVER cross grain. That is also true for scrubbing in the cleaning process. 

When that is perfected its time to bring out the Golden Care Teak Protector. 

Golden Care Teak Protector Honey Brown

Sydney Staining Services Golden Care Teak Protector Honey Brown

When applying this stick with the following of the grain in the Teak, it is important. Always wipe up excess product straight away. In the picture the Stain look really dark and that is normal just after application. Once dry, it goes to that Honey Brown colour that is on the table in the bottle picture. 

Teak Outdoor Furniture Maintenance is easy if you leave it to us. If you don’t have the privilege to live in Sydney you can read through our other blog posts which gives you detailed information about what is important when Maintaining Teak Outdoor Furniture.