Teak Sun Loungers Maintenance

Your Teak sun loungers maintenance is important if you care about their appearance. The Honey brown colour of teak is in our book highly attractive. Since you have googled Teak Maintenance it’s safe to assume that you agree. If you are Sydney-based and want someone to do the maintenance for you you can get a quote here. If you aren’t based in Sydney, we recommend that you move. However, if you’re not ready for that, we recommend that you read this blog. That will provide you with knowledge and equip you with helpful advice about Teak Sun Loungers Maintenance.

Teak Sun Loungers Maintenance.

Firstly, have your teak weathered to silver grey?

If it has you should read this blog post on how to clean teak.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Maintenance
Teak Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Secondly, Once that has been done and the furniture is dry it is time to bring out your favourite stain/oil/water-based product. Find out what products we use: These are our favourites.

Thirdly, when staining the teak, ensure that it is dry and dust-free. We recommend Mirka’s dust-free sanding system for finishing sanding. (We have no connection to them but we love their products.) Once you have done your due diligence with the preparation them you either stir the stain or shake the Golden care Teak protector until it’s well blended. Always apply the product following the direction of the timber grain and wipe off excess straight away. Do at least 2 coats or possibly 3 depending on what product you are using. Read the instructions thoroughly before you dig in.

It is always a bigger job than you think it will be so if you can afford to hire a professional, do it!